Paper bead necklace for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day paper bead necklaceI love a groovy new necklace. And if one of my kids has hand crafted one for me, then it’s even more special.

My kids have given me a couple of necklaces. The necklace I received from Giggle Pop 2 was handmade on an evening that we spent at three year old kinder, at Mum’s a star night. The necklace was made from an eclectic mix of plastic beads, lovingly threaded on to a plastic thread.

A friend of my mine taught me how to make a paper bead necklace one day while we were chatting about the things that we used to do as kids. These paper bead necklaces are a perfect gift for any Mum for this Sunday.

To make the paper beads grab:

  • PVA glue
  • a bamboo or metal skewer
  • scissors
  • string
  • a magazine or any paper

Grab all your bits and pieces for the necklace

Cut long skinny triangle paper strips from the paper.

Cut long skinny triangles from the paper

Roll the paper triangle around your skewer.

Roll the paper around a skewer

Dab some PVA glue on the end of the paper to stick it down.

Squirt a bit of glue on the end and finish winding

Glide the paper bead off the end of the skewer. Repeat about twenty times and you will have a plethora of beads to choose from. Lots of paper beads

Cut a piece of string long enough to fit over your head. Thread the beads on to the string until it’s full with beads.Thread the paper beads on to some string or thread

Tie the string together and ta dah…… a necklace.Paper bead necklace for Mum

You can make all types of beads with different types and colors of paper. You could add jewels and beads in between the paper beads to dress the beads up.

Have you ever made your Mum a necklace?

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